A Message to John Travolta and Tom Cruise

David Miscavige is finally being exposed for who he *really* is. An LA Times front page story a few days ago revealed how he paid Private Investigators $10,000/week to follow his own Father.  Tony Ortega has several follow up reports at his blog.

Plus a message to JT and TC, as well as some points for Judges to consider. :) I LOVE YOU ALL!! Tory/Magoo

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International Critics Help Ex-Scientologist Home Free

Narconon kicked out a girl yesterday, Her Mom called asking for help and this is a true story of International Help, Love and Freedom. I posted on FB asking if anyone could pick her up..and the rest is history. :) They thank you ALL who have chipped in. I thank you ALL!! It has truly been one of THE most exciting things starting off this New Year of 2012!

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Here’s our song.  PEACE!

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Scientology loses to XenuTV and Sparrow

Mark Bunker tells how his YT sites were taken down and why, and the future of them CONGRATULATIONS TO ANON SPARROW! (who Won today in Court against the evil, phony “church” of $cientology).  Mark also tells more of his Documentary “Knowledge Report”, some of who has been interviewed. If you can, please go to XenuTV and Donate to help get this project done. (New donors will get a Knowledge Report!) Love you all, Tory and Mark

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and http://knowledgereportthemovie.com/
http://ocmb.xenu.net/ocmb/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=32667 (Re Anon Sparrow)

Tommy Davis, Scientology Spokesliar

I just listened to the latest Australian interview, and honestly, I’m shocked at the volume of lies Tommy Davis (Scientology’s new head PR now, since Mike Rinder left) repeats.

Tommy appears in this segment:

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You can see their new program of turning the once “Applied Philosophy” into a hard corp. “religion” is rolling, with TD repeating in almost every line something about “other religions”, or how religious they are. HA!

Hell, he could make any horrific action sound like a religious action that his “Church” Cares so much about. Oh pullllllllllleasssssssse!

Giving to your community? How?

THE RPF is voluntary? REALLY? Ya wanna come over and do a few interviews with a few X-RPF people *I* know? And no, it isn’t because they didn’t follow your “Codes” as you say. It’s because your “Church” does VERY abusive things, and then lies and pretends those abuses were “helpful”. Is it a desert or a floormop? Which is it, Tommy?

Routing out should be fast? Really? “No, it IS quick”. Who do you think you’re fooling? And no, there’s “no grilling”? What about the Sec checks?

And “Anyone can leave at any time”? Did you forget about me escaping AND being chased across the country, or Mark Headley nearly run off the road, or Jesse Prince leaving with Shot guns on David Miscavige?

Those are just a few of the many, many stories proving you are lying through your teeth.

“All the community services we have”? Really? What? You don’t have *a* community service, except to gain “PR”. I know, I worked with “Ron’s Public Relations office”. The goal? “Handle any and all bad PR about Hubbard”, Period.

Volunteer ministers? All I ever heard from executives is: “Did we get any press?” Now I’m sure there’s a better program now, but you and I know what the truth is, don’t we, Tommy?

If someone is expelled, it’s because there’s a “good reason”? BS. I was declared SP and expelled without ONE “Ethics Action” not one. That’s out tech, dearie.

“Do PI’s Tail people” You don’t know? BS again. I was in the BBC car when u all were tailing them. They even said: “Don’t they realize we are the BBC and we’re filming ALL of this? Stop Lying Tommy Davis!

One day you’ll remember what “responsibility” and “ethics” and “Integrity” really mean, and that day you’ll join all of us who left your “church”, because we realized those words are said daily, but used never within the group.

WTFU Tommy Davis. You’re growing old, lying, being a floor mat for David Miscavige.

Scientology and Weight Loss: How I lost 90 Pounds Once OUT

“Please let me off this level, it is NOT working”.

All I would get back was “Ok, continue”.

Now those who have never done OT 7 (esp. you having never even been “in”) please spare me how stupid I was, how you would “never do that”, etc.

I’ve already been through that, explaining how I’ve talked with academics who study CULTS and they said, “Actually often people in cults are quite smart — that’s why they joined. They were looking for something better. It’s just that they were in the wrong place at the wrong time, which can happen to anyone”.

Either way, I kept trying, and kept gaining weight (as you have to “stay sessionable” which often means eat more). Plus, it doesn’t work, AND you cannot talk about it, so eating is a great comfort.

Many people you will see who are “OT 7” are quite huge. Think of Kristy Alley, John Travolta, etc. Granted — Kristy is bigger than JT, but both have had a long struggle with weight, and I *know* from experience, Scientology has 0 (zip, none, nadda) tools to help you lose weight, even though they will now claim they do. If they did, I would have used them, trust me.

I finally joined Weight Watchers and have lost 92 pounds! (50 of it I lost back in 99 — and have kept that off for 10 years. Then I worked for a company that would offer “Free food” (always fattening) and yup, I gained 40 back.

Now I’ve lost that and more — total of 92 pounds. I had mentioned it on Facebook, and Michael Pattinson (who is OT 8 and knew what we all went through in Scientology re this) said, “Why don’t you make a video about it”.

Great idea so here it is:

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For those interested, I don’t cook. I also eat out a lot, and have learned many tools to help me make better choices. The Weight Watcher Instructor was one of THE people that began my serious waking up process, as she said: “The only thing you can control 100% is what you put in your mouth”.

At the time I was still “in” I thought to myself, “Well, I’m OT so that’s not true but I’ll try it”.

6 or 8 months later, the ONLY thing in my life, (or really any one else’s that I knew of all the Scios “in”) was that *I* had lost 60 pounds. :)

Thanks to every single person who helps expose this insidious cult of Scientology, and their many abuses. This is just one more.

Parsons, Crowley, Hubbard and Black Magic

Most people (if not all) “in” C of $ have no clue of L. Ron Hubbard’s original days connected to Aleister Crowley (“the Beast: 666), Jack Parson’s and their connections with Black Magic.

Parson’s was a founding member of J. P. L. (Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena) — and there’s a huge story about the 3 of them, which Cal Tech has put on, last week — and this week-end, too. Crowley had his own cult (OTO) and some of the members of that were there, last week.

I made a video about it and then went this week-end, also, with some other friends.

The head of the theater group, and L. Ron Hubbard (the man who played him) both saw my video (it’s on the Cal Tech site, under “for more info about Parson’s, Crowley and Hubbard”) and thanked me for making it.

As one of my friends just said: “Did you think Hubbard would ever be thanking you?” We had a good laugh about that.

If you don’t know of Hubbard’s early days, either go see the show if in LA tonight, or read Russell Miller’s “Barefaced Messiah”. Quite a story!

My best to you all, and Greg::: Move along~ :)

One More Speaks: Thanks, TC!

Hi Tory,

I am just an ordinary person who stumbled upon the Tom Cruise video through a local sweepstakes forum. This was not the first Tom Cruise/Scientology video that I had seen nor was it the first time I had heard about their beliefs. I had read about their belief in Xenon and was intrigued that seemingly intelligent people could believe this. Shortly after viewing the video someone on the forum posted a link to Xenutv.com and told us that guy that owned the website confronted Scientologist and that he had a lot of interesting videos on his site. Well, my husband and kids had gone hunting for the weekend so I decided to kill some time on the website.

I have to say that once I started watching, I literally couldn’t stop. At first I laughed and commented about what fruitcakes these guys were (Buddy, Croc and Mary) and that this was obviously a Cult. The more I watched and the deeper I got into things, the more I realized that this wasn’t funny at all. This was a dangerous group. As I watched the pickets I gained a great deal of respect for each of you. You always kept your cool and continued on your mission in the midst of all of the nonsense that these “handlers” tried to dish out. In the end, they were their own worst enemies. Anyone watching could clearly see that this was a Cult trying to silence the messengers.

I find it funny that the one person (Tom Cruise) that Scientology used as a tool to spread the word has caused such a media uproar in the opposite direction. People like me are scratching our heads and wondering what the heck is going on and so we go to the internet to see what all the talk is about. Once we are there, we learn the TRUTH. God bless Tom Cruise for that.

On a personal note I want to say that I admire you so much for what you are doing. You have shown me that it’s not crazy people who join Scientology. It’s Scientology that brainwashes people and makes them do crazy things. The comparison between the videos of you during your Scientology days and those post-Scientology speaks volumes. In the early videos you appeared robot like and empty. In the later videos you appeared Intelligent and funny and full of life. And did I mention funny. I love your personality and I am so glad that you finally woke up to share it with the rest of the world.

As I said at the beginning of this letter, I’m just an ordinary person who stumbled across your story and was so moved that I wanted to reach out and say Hi and let you know that your message is being heard.

Take Care,

XXX (Name removed to protect the innocent)

Way to go, Tommy Boy! Once again, you’ve done it :)

You’re the SP of the year, for sure.